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Our Founder’s vision and passion is to bring inspiration and innovation to the flavored whiskey market. The Vision was clear, to create an original premium blend that both friends, clients and future customers will enjoy.

After several years of research and product development, OILFIRE, America’s First Seductive Spirit, was born from the mythical legend described below.

OILFIRE Rye Whiskey and Liqueur is the premium blend that provides the satisfaction you deserve. OILFIRE should be available in all states soon, and new OILFIRE products available in mid-2018.

the legend...

During the oil boom of the early 1900s, the prospect for black gold was exploding throughout Oklahoma and the midwest altogether.

April 14th, 1907 on the outskirts of Tulsa, the Legend of OilFire began when an independent wildcatter's luck took a turn for the better when he struck a gusher less than 15 miles from the state's capitol.

The unprecedented pressure and output of the well was both a burden and a blessing and all day and night the wildcatter fought to contain the eruption.

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After about two weeks, the Gusher was eventually contained and spewing black gold all day and all night. The word began to spread and there was a commotion around Tulsa to accommodate the various economic opportunities the well presented.

The legendary oil well's reign became increasingly dominated over the next couple of months and word had spread all across Texas and as far east as Tennessee.

Alas, towards the end of August, triumph became tragedy when just another Oklahoma thunderstorm lit up the sky like never before.

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Amidst the storm that would bring a Legend to fruition,  lightening sparked the well in middle of the night and the entire Rig was set ablaze.

The fire from one of Oklahoma’s first prosperous oil wells was so intense that the horizon of Tulsa was lit day and night and burned relentlessly for weeks.

Fortunately, the fire was eventually contained and finally put out by a collection of volunteers from Tulsa and all surrounding areas who had heard of the Rig's misfortune.

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After the fire was exstinguished,
As a thank you to the volunteers, the wildcatter planned a celebration. All he had on hand was water, rye whiskey, some cinnamon, and the last batch of his family’s secret liqueur sauce, so he decided to blend them together and serve the people.

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They, enthusiastically, enjoyed the spirit. During the celebration, many, from Tulsa and the surrounding area found the love of their life that night. The mythical legend of that spirit is now the OILFIRE Whiskey, America’s First Seductive Spirit, which we enjoy today.

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